Erik de Heus

Erik de Heus holds a Master degree in Business Economics from Free University of Amsterdam and has over 20 years of global experience. Throughout his work experience within Hewlett-Packard and Royal Philips Electronics,  he has been building new products and services with a global scope. For Hewlett-Packard, he worked and lived in Geneva and Mountain View. In various management positions, working across cultures with different corporate and entrepreneurial teams, he has created and managed different solutions in the technology, finance, services, health and wellbeing spaces.

In addition to this global experience, Erik de Heus was CEO of a Dutch renewable energy company Oxxio. Under his management the company grew in the timeframe from inception to generate over Euro 500,000,000. In the buy and build strategy Oxxio acquired and integrated 4 companies in a two year period. Oxxio was acquired by Centrica in 2005.